Green Outreach Foundation


GOFA’s main aim is to mobilize investment for development of green energy projects in Africa, enhance capacity of institutions and advocate for removal of barriers to green energy projects development and energy efficiency. This will entail tackling climate change impact by promoting clean and renewable energy development; energy efficiency and enhancing distribution channels of water in rural areas

Green Outreach Foundation is a product of my firm belief that access to environmentally safe, sustainable, secure, and affordable sources of energy is essential to addressing the danger of climate change and ensuring global economic growth.
It is my belief that combating climate change cannot be left to the government alone. I believe it is wrong for any of us to stand aside and blame the government when climate change forces food prices to rise as more land produce lessens.
It should be a call for us to explore projects in geothermal, solar, biogas, hydro and wind power generation to cut global warming and secure the future of the human race.


Raila Odinga Center


The Raila Odinga Center (ROC) is a non-profit foundation registered in June 2009. The Center was founded by the Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga to enact the vision of facilitating sustainable regional development. As a result of poverty, lack of infrastructure, poor accessibility to healthcare and education ROC realizes the considerable need for ongoing community development. Our programs target specific developmental areas that enrich the lives of both individuals and the region as a whole.


To be the leading resource centre for the youth of East Africa; one student, one education, one community!


To promote unity in East Africa Community through education and leadership training amongst young people.

Focus Areas

Raila Odinga Center believes in transforming the lives of people within the East African Community, enabling them to be better equipped for the modern era. ROC seeks to achieve this vision through community development initiatives with educational and youth based programs.  A list of our initiatives can be seen below.


  • Raila Educational Centre
  • Scholarship Program


  • Leadership Program
  • Sports


Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Foundation


Description: The Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Foundation is a non-profit, philanthropic and non-political organization. The foundation seeks to facilitate people centered development and to build on the late Jaramogi’s extraordinary legacy by promoting health, education and good leadership at all levels in Kenya.


– Community and media awareness campaigns on non-communicable Diseases (NCDs)

– Facilitate screening of NCDs among vulnerable and poor communities.

– Facilitate referral of patients of NCDs for treatment and management.


– Sponsoring needy students in secondary schools and vocational training.

– Mentoring students, teachers, school management committees and school boards to enhance academic achievement.

– Provision of Information and Communication Technology resources to schools and community resource centres.