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RIP Nkaiserry

RIP Nkaiserry

Kenyans woke up this morning to the shocking news that one of the greatest soldiers of our time, General Joseph Nkaiserry, was no more. All of us are still struggling to understand this totally unexpected tragedy.

The passing of Joseph Nkaissery is a huge loss for Kenya and for the Maasai people. He was a political giant in a region that has produced many, and his loss will be felt for years to come. I offer my deepest-felt condolences to his family and loved ones. The entire NASA community is grief-stricken and we all wish to send our joint condolences to the family and the Kenyan nation.

The protection of Kenya and Kenyans was not merely his foremost duty in life; it was a passion that lived and breathed. Despite his knowledge and mastery of battleground arsenals, it was the issue of the elimination of small arms that was his foremost priority, which are the principal source of the violence that has periodically ravaged our nation for far too long. He religiously attended every national, regional or international forum where the elimination of this scourge was discussed.

But of course he applied himself to all aspects of our security with an unparalleled commitment. Whenever duty called, he was there in an instant. He brought this commitment to the security docket after taking it over at a time the country was facing immense security challenges. He left a huge mark. His passion for tackling security challenges came to the fore as never before when he was appointed Assistant minister for defense in the grand coalition government.

Despite his many successes, there were areas of conflict in Kenya which eluded Gen Nkaiserry’s skills. We in the NASA coalition sometimes disagreed with some of his policies.
My prayer is that General Nkaissery’s successors in the military remain faithful to the traditions of this country and their call of duty and refuse to be dragged into partisanship during the forthcoming elections. Our armed forces main duty to is to keep our country safe.

Let us now observe a moment of silence for this fallen hero of the nation, and pass again our deepest-felt condolences to his wife Hellen, his family, the Maa community and the Kenyan people.