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Rebuilding the Nation

Rebuilding the Nation

Our history is defined by the legacy of long, heroic and costly struggles to build a just society out of the ashes of one that colonialism tried to subdue and subvert. But soon after independence, new struggles were launched against single-party dictatorship and oppressive regimes based on ethnic divide and rule, politics of exclusion and exploitation dominated by pervasive and growing corruption, all of which led to the creation of a new super-rich elite while most of our people lost their humanity and dignity.

As we honor the courage of ordinary Kenyans who have risked their lives to free their fellow citizens & re-dedicate ourselves to that higher principle that Kenya must remain a democracy, I will be sharing my reasons for accepting the great honor to be the NASA Coalition’s flag bearer.

The NASA Coalition exists to pursue five objectives namely,

  1. To Promote National Unity
  2. To Uphold, Guard & Respect the Dignity of all Individuals & Communities.
  3. To Return Country to the Path of Constitutional and Democratic Development.
  4. To end the Culture of Impunity.
  5. To Restore Sanity in the Management of the Economy and Public Affairs of Our Nation.

The signing of the NASA covenant was preceded by the distillation of these values and principles into a seven-pillar vision and policy platform on which the NASA Coalition would contest the August 8th, 2017 General Election. Our manifesto translates this vision and policy platform into a programme based on:

  1. National reconciliation and healing.
  2. Resolving all historical injustices.
  3. Refining our constitution to strengthen devolution by sharing and transfer of more functions and resources to the County Government. This will achieve a more inclusive electoral system and better align the political system to our everyday social and political realities.
  4. Transforming government from master to servant of the people.
  5. Realizing the equality principles and goals entrenched in Article 27 of the Constitution through programmes to achieve equal treatment of women, youth and persons with disability, marginalized communities and groups in the political, economic, cultural and social spheres.
  6. Realizing social and economic rights as enshrined in article 43 of the constitution.
  7. Eradicating poverty and unemployment.

Underpinning this grand vision was good governance in which the integrity of public office was a paramount pre-requisite to guarantee sustainability and the nurturing, protection and economic well-being of the individual, the family, communities and nation.

We are determined to meet these needs but they cannot be met in isolation, they must grow organically from a cohesive vision encompassing numerous other areas. We know what Kenyans need to lead productive and fulfilling lives & this will be a preeminent factor in our government’s policy-making.

Half a century ago, we ushered in independence with a constitution that embodied the values and principles in our 2010 Constitution. It did not survive. Instead of the Constitution transforming the colonial state and government, the established order subverted it. Today, we stand at a similarly critical juncture.

We are offering  Kenyans the choice between faithful implementation of our new constitutional dispensation, and yet another triumph of the old order.

We believe there is only one choice.

Nasa Hao!