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I aspire to provide quality leadership and utmost integrity. I continuously strives to elevate
Kenyan’s faith, and to fill our country Kenya with justice.

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Equitable Prosperous Kenya

As I have repeatedly said, I remain deeply committed to seeing our country evolve a government that is committed first and foremost to investing in the people. I remain deeply committed to overseeing a country that measures its well-being not…

 Policy Interventions for Kenyan Youth

Policy Interventions for Kenyan Youth

The 2019 Housing and Population Census indicates that 29% or 13.6 million of Kenya’s population is aged between 18-34 years. Another 75%, or 35.7 million Kenyans fall between 0-35 years. Kenya is a young people’s country. This age group can…

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Together we the people achieve more than any single person could ever do alone.

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