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 Malindi Polls

All CORD MPs and other elected leaders who were assigned to monitor Malindi polls as super agents must report and remain at the polling stations. till the end of the voting exercise. We are concerned at the campaign of black mail and arm-twisting that Jubee is adopting in the region manifested in arbitrary arrests including that of Mr Philip Etale and we have assigned senators James Orengo and Johnstone Muthama to take up the case of Mr Etale.

The rest of our leaders must take up their roles at the polling stations and in getting out voters without any diversions or delays. We wish to put on notice those government officers behind this campaign of harassment and intimidation being meted out on ODM supporters and officials. There will be a time for each of them to carry their crosses and answer for their crimes.

For now, the best revenge is for our people to go out and cast the vote, protect the vote and defeat the evil regime. Let us not be diverted. Leaders must singly focus on this task.

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