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 Mourning Charles Njonjo

Mama Ida and I are heartbroken at the passing of our long-time friend and confidant, former Attorney General Mr. Charles Mugane Njonjo. We pass sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Charles was a brilliant legal mind. He qualifies as one of the critical founders of the Kenyan nation who helped lay a firm foundation for its institutions and the rule of law.

More importantly, Charles was a great honest and trustworthy human being who fully embraced those he came into their lives. He had a great sense of humour and was legendry when it came to sticking to the rules, whether they were simple rules of life or those governing the country.

His patriotism and belief in the law helped the country transition smoothly from the founding president Jomo Kenyatta to the second President Daniel arap Moi at a time of great uncertainty and political tension in the country. Our country was lucky to have him at the right place at the right time.

Over the years, Charles became a mentor and advisor to many upcoming and serving leaders. He saw it as his job to advance the next generation of Kenya’s leaders. I have personally benefitted immensely from his wisdom and experience.

Above all, Charles is a testament of the resilience of Kenya as a nation and Kenyans as a people. He reminded us that life goes on; that politics is not the beginning and the end; that there are no permanent friends or foes; that there are very few things in political life worth dying for or prejudicing others about. He has passed on having made his peace with all.

May God keep him at rest in that peace.



JANUARY 2, 2022.

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