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Today at his Capitol Hill offices, H.E. Raila Odinga met with representatives of civil society groups from South Sudan who briefed him on developments in the country. The civil society leaders also expressed a strong desire for Kenya to take over the peace process.
The civil society representatives further expressed strong fears that despite the semblance of progress in the peace process, the situation in South Sudan is degenerating each passing day and Kenya remains the last best hope for South Sudanese. They urged Kenya to take seriously developments in South Sudan.
The group appealed to Kenya to steer the South Sudan process back to issues and not positions and individuals. They appealed to Kenya to export the creativity that has seen it pull from the brink in the past stating that on-going talks, if not handled with care, could easily lead to another war.
Mr. Odinga reaffirmed Kenya’s enduring commitment to finding peace in South Sudan, describing the situation in the country as regrettable and stressful.
“Kenya remains ready to help. We had hoped that independence in South Sudan would give way to reconstruction as happened in Vietnam and Algeria after protracted wars. But we have been disappointed. We however remain committed to the strategic partnership between our country and South Sudan and we will not give up,” Mr. Odinga said.

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