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We have cleared another requirement in our running quest for Building Bridges to a United Kenya that we embarked on two years ago in a bid to create a more perfect and caring country.
The collection of signatures for the Constitution Amendment Bill 2020 has been a resounding success. As we are meeting here, we have over 5 million signatures in support of the Bill and more are still coming.
Five million people in slightly over a week signals very strong seal of approval of the process, the necessity of it all, the final document and expected end result. As I said during the launch of the collection of signatures, I have worked with our people on processes of change like this one for a long time, sometimes in equally risky times.
I know for a fact that Kenyans are not slow learners when it comes to seizing the moment for change. I knew Kenyans would close this chapter in record time, and they have. Kenyans know what they are looking for, how this process will help and why time is of the essence.
We do not take this rapid response for granted and so we most sincerely thank those who spared time amid all the difficulties and fears we are experiencing in our country, to attend to this historic national duty.
This shows that Kenyans are capable of multitasking, just like the citizens of scores other countries who have just completed or are in the process of completing important national assignments like elections in the middle of the pandemic and biting economic times.
We have strict legal guidelines to adhere to in this whole exercise. In a couple of days, we move to the IEBC to hand over these signatures for verification and necessary action. We expect the IEBC to equally move with speed as Kenyans have done and release the process to the next stage, which is taking the signatures to the county assemblies.
Then we will come to Parliament and then back to the people by way of referendum. The people’s power and peoples say are written all over this process. We started with the people giving their views to the BBI taskforce. We returned to the people to verify the contents of the report of the taskforce. We have gone to the people to append their signatures to the Bill as a seal of approval. We will then go to the representatives of the people in the county assemblies and parliament.  Then we will return to the people for final approval of this document in a referendum. This is as people driven as any can be.
So my appeal is; let us soldier on because there will never be the perfect time to do it. The naysayers will always find a reason to slow us down or stop us altogether.
We know the distance we have covered so far and how attempts to derail us have unfolded. When we did the Handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta and launched the BBI two years ago, there was no corona. But the naysayers opposed the exercise claiming it targeted them in their quest for power. When we launched the war on corruption, they opposed it, again on account that it was targeting them. We would have been derailed and stopped if we had lost focus. We have to solder on.
I therefore have an appeal to the naysayers out there who claim to be speaking for the people or that the people have not spoken.
Throughout this process, the people have spoken. Please let the people continue speaking for themselves. Let the people decide the fate of this document and the changes it proposes to introduce in our country. It is the people’s document now.
President Uhuru Kenyatta and I have absolute faith in the ability of the people of Kenya to make the right decision if they are given the facts and the space. I believe many of the fellow leaders who voiced support for this document hold that belief too.
Over the last two years, we have explained the issues that we are seeking to address through this process, including Corruption, Divisive Elections, Shared Prosperity, Lack of National Ethos and Security, among others.
Let us respect the five million Kenyans who have appended their signatures to this. And let us respect the millions of others who are waiting out there to vote for or against the document in the referendum.
We must allow Kenyans have their say and their way because nobody can speak for the people of Kenya better than the people of Kenya themselves.
Thank you.

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