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As a party, we regard County chairs as our ears and our eyes on the ground.
You are our last line of defense. Our strength and our connection with the desires of our people and our ability to grow and win more converts, depend on your active involvement with the people on the ground.
It is with this in mind that we called you over to receive your views on the State of the Party from the counties including our preparedness for anticipate referendum on the BBI and next year’s general elections.
I want to thank you for the efforts you are making on the ground for the party and to appeal to you to prepare to do more in the months ahead.
I want to emphasize to you that the handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta remains strong and unshaken. The BBI too is strong and remains unshaken. The two, which are sides of the same coin, are founded on some very solid and enduring principles that will stand the test of time.
Because of your efforts, we were able to collect record signatures in record time for the BBI report. That too is testimony to the strength of the handshake and the BBI dream.
As you are aware, those signatures are currently with the IEBC. We are convinced that we will get the required numbers to propel the BBI Bill to the counties and eventually to the referendum.
As a party and a Movement that has consistently fought for change, social justice, equitable sharing of the wealth of the nation and devolution of resources and services to the grassroots, the BBI is critical to us.
It is part and parcel of our long journey to creating a united country founded on the principle of shared prosperity.
It is therefore my appeal to you to be at the forefront in popularizing the initiative among all strata of the Kenyan public.
The biggest threat to our unity as a nation is the dwindling size of the national cake even as population grows.
It is our position as a party and in BBI that we need to do more to grow the national cake, protect it from the thieves and share it equitably.
BBI is therefore founded on three broad pillars of PRODUCTION of the national wealth, Protecting the wealth from thieves and all sorts of crooks and sharing that wealth fairly and equitably. That is our idea of shared prosperity.
It is therefore upon you as leaders in this movement to debunk the propaganda being peddled by persons who have no record and no ideologies other than plunder of public resources. You have to stand up stop them from undermining the struggle for good governance and ending corruption which is what BBI is about.
You have to explain to our people that our mission in BBI is noble. It is for the benefit of everyone. We want to bake a bigger cake, protect the cake from the thieves and share the cake equitably-TUPIKE, TUILINDE ALAFU TUGAWE.
As we work to support BBI, our task will be easier if we also strengthen and energize ODM at the grassroots.
You therefore need to work closely with the Party’s Secretariat to implement the resolution of the National Executive Committee to harmonize the leadership at county, branch and sub branch levels.
We need absolute professionalism and integrity in this exercise so that we can get the right people who are committed to the success of our party and put them in charge at all levels.
At all times, let us remember that we are as strong as the people we put in charge at the grassroots.
Thank you and God bless you.

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